Videos of 2016 William Sloane Coffin Prize Speeches

All of the 2016 contestants who chose to make public the video of their speech are listed below. Just click the play button that appears, and the video should start.  The speeches are divided into two categories: Spirituality & Faith, and Social Justice & Activism.  The prizewinner in each category is at the top of the relevant column.  The sound quality is not as good this year, for which we apologize.  We are working on it, and hope to have the sound come direct from the microphone to the camera again next year!

In the Spirituality & Faith category:

Watch Nathan Leach, ’17, winner, give his prizewinning speech “Practicing Compassion in a Messy World”
Watch Ranana Dine ’16 give her speech “Snap, Crackle, Pop – or, Shattering My Religious Bubble”
Watch Abigail Matthew ’18 give her speech “Radical Jesus”

In the Social Justice & Activism category:

Watch Philemon Abel, ’19, winner, give her prizewinning speech “Poems on Being Black in America”
Watch Penny Sun ’16 give her prizewinning speech “An Activist Faith”
Watch Suiyi Wendy Tang ’19 give her speech “From Within the Mouth of Goliath: Just Another Asian American Folktale”