First Church is a locus of community efforts to live more sustainably on the earth.  Of late we have hosted composting workshops and seminars on Global Climate change, in conjunction with the Williamstown Cool Committee.  We would like to do more.  Are you interested in joining this effort?  If so, contact us! Click for more Information.

First Church runs a regular Sunday morning lecture/discussion series open to the entire community which covers a wide range of topics including, among other things, environmental issues. Check out the “2nd Hour@theMeetinghouse”  listings for past and coming events in this series.

Two community recycling efforts take place at First Church. Our annual tag sale is (in addition to being a fundraiser for us) an opportunity for the community to recycle and reuse rather than throw out and buy new. The annual ABC house clothing sale, which takes place at the Meetinghouse, is similarly a chance for the community to recyle and re-reuse (as well as support a worthwhile institution that helps in other ways). First Church has made a major commitment to support the ABC House effort by renovating space in the Meetinghouse for collecting, sorting and storing the clothing that will ultimately be sold at the Fall sales.

One of our “Mission Partners” is the Hoosic River Watershed Alliance (HooWRA). In September of 2012 they held a conference at First Church examining the “State of the River” a year after hurricane Irene. The talks are available here:

First Church Video

Jerry Jenkins, The Effects of Climate Change in the Hoosic Watershed

Jerry Jenkins is a Natural Resources Biologist and Geographer and author of Climate Change in the Adirondacks

(58 minutes)


First Church Video

Carrie Bail, Carol Zingarelli, Kelley Nolan, and Bill Botzow, Aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene

Carrie Bail, a former Pastor of First Church and a former member of the board of Higher Ground; Carol Zingarelli is a resident of the Spruces; Kelley Nolan is an Aquatic Biologist; Bill Botzow is a State Representative for Pownal VT

(59 minutes)
First Church Video

Jim MacBroom, River Restoration Strategies

Jim MacBroom is a River Restoration Engineer with Milone & MacBroom

(80 minutes)


Greening the Meetinghouse

The historic Meetinghouse is a town landmark and community center.  As stewards of this community facility we at First Church are concerned with making it as “green” as possible.  Below is a graph of our oil consumption in recent years. As you can see, our efforts at conservation have paid off: annual consumption has dropped almost in half!  That said, there is more that could be done.  Are you interested in such issues?  Are you willing to serve on a committee planing future improvements to the Meetinghouse infrastructure?  If so, the Stewardship Ministry Team would be delighted to hear from you!

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