An American Conscience, May 7th

On May 7th at 11:15 am, First Church will offer a screening of “An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story“, a new PBS documentary by Martin Doblmeier.

This 2nd Hour features a special screening event of a new PBS documentary and film by Martin Doblmeier, An American Conscience: The Reinhold Niebuhr Story. Niebuhr was a moral voice, and a celebrated public theologian in the 20th Century. The film features interviews with President Jimmy carter, Civil Rights leader Andre Young, N.Y. Times’ David Brooks, Cornel West, Susanna Heschel, and others.

Through archival photos, recordings and interviews with his daughter, former students, The New York Times writer David Brooks and civil rights icon Andrew Young, the documentary also explores Niebuhr’s influence and impact on numerous leaders, including Martin Luther King, Jr., President Barack Obama, and former President Jimmy Carter. With revealing insights from academic experts who discuss his life and influence, the stories capture Niebuhr’s seminal role in American life.

A follow-up discussion will take place on May 15th, also at 11:30 here at First Church. This presentation will include further clips of commentary from the scholars interviewed in the film, plus a discussion with three scholars from the Williams community. The discussion will focus on the ongoing relevance of Niebuhr’s thought for engaging the moral and religious challenges of contemporary political life.

2nd Hour at the Meetinghouse is a lively non-denominational speaker/discussion series examining issues in social justice, religious history, art, the relationships between religions, or other subjects. These events are open to the entire community. The name “second hour” refers to the fact that these events occur after the Sunday morning worship service, but there is no expectation that you need attend the worship service in order to come to the second hour event. These events are held in Community Hall towards the back of the building, near the parking lot. Events usually start at 11:20 am. There is coffee before hand, starting about 11:00 am.

You do need not be affiliated with First Church to attend and participate in these 2nd Hour events.