Are You Interested in the Environment?

Our church has a tradition of concern for the world’s environment and for appropriate human interaction with that environment. In the wider community FCC is associated with projects that educate and inspire sound practices. Over the past few years a small group of parishioners has developed and guided these initiatives. Now we are thinking about next steps.

Do we want to continue activity and advocacy?

One recent call for action is the planting of trees, which was part of the package of gifts given at Rev. Bail’s celebration on January 20th.  This $250 gift was inspired by Carrie’s January 13th sermon (Whirling Oaks, you can read it here), which encouraged the church to act to plant trees, participating in the UCC’s 4/1 Earth initiative: One united church on a shared resurrection witness for Planet Earth during 50 great days of greening up, powering down, and shouting out (for more information on this initiative click here).

Planting trees helps to mitigate climate change. They modify weather, hold soil, provide habitat for creatures, beautify and soak up CO2. Those who planned the January 20th program suggest that something small (perhaps colorful) be planted near the church. In addition the church might offer consultation, trees and where necessary labor to plant trees in the community.

What other kinds of activity might this church sponsor?  Advocacy?  Community discussions?  Classes/Speakers?  Demonstrations (as in vegetable garden out front or solar panels on the roof)?

Do you want to be involved?  If so, in what ways?

Let us know….

Lauren Stevens

Elizabeth Smith

Carolyn Behr