Art exhibit centered on addiction at MCLA Design Lab


This event falls outside the official purview of the First Church…or does it? On many, many Sundays, Pastor Mark asks that we hold in our hearts the unnamed people who have prayers that are too vulnerable to be named, such as addiction—a growing problem in our community.

Common Folk Artist Collective is starting a new tradition.  And they invite all:

Join us for the “closing” ceremony of To Bless The Space Between Us at The Design Lab an exhibit showcasing work that responds to the theme of addiction. We will symbolically bless the work as it moves to a new home (tbd). If you are interested in purchasing any of the pieces (if they are for sale), you will be able to take them home with you that night. If you have work to submit, please bring it with you.

Our goal with this nomadic exhibit is to tour it around the community and build over time. We are hoping that this exhibit ebbs and flows, changes and grows, much like the process for recovery. Bring art that you’d like to submit or ideas of where the exhibit should go next. Feel free to submit work that is in progress.

Common Folk’s mission is to inspire creativity, support local and emerging creators, and positively contribute to our community. This exhibit meets all aspects of our mission.