A Call For Fellowship Hosts

Every week after services we gather in Community Hall for conversation and friendship. And thanks to many helping hands we enjoy lemonade or coffee and some delectable snacks with our conversation! A special shout out to these folks who have stepped forward to make this happen. Jean Vankin purchases the lemonade and perishables each week and has it in our refrigerator. Hosts who have already committed to participate are Lynn Chick, Katherine Myers (June) Marilyn Faulkner (July), Lynne Delay and Same Humes (August), Chrissy and Aaron Gordon (October), and Anne Clark (November). The host is responsible for recruiting one or more helpers each week in their assigned month. When you are asked to host, please be generous with your time. Bakers, your homemade treats are always welcome! You can bring them to the church kitchen on Saturday or Sunday (please date and label them). Is there someone out there ready to host in September or November? Be in touch with Lynn Chick at 413-884-4651. You may take on one week, or the entire month. Thanks to all!