Co-Moderator’s Report

In my role as co-moderator I tend to focus most of my attention on the “business” of keeping the church moving forward. It is reassuring in the midst of the joys and frustrations of that work to be reminded of all the good work our members do to enhance the spiritual life of the congregation. Fall’s small groups and potlucks sparked (for some) and renewed (for others) the abiding sense of community. The spectacularly well-organized (and delicious) pie palooza seemed a fitting cap to those weeks of fellowship outside of Sunday services.

I was particularly delighted by the “winners” of this annual pastry contest (though I suspect eating a lunch consisting of at multiple pieces of pie makes us all winners.)  I have always deeply valued the cross-generational aspect of church and the quartet of pie  victors ran the gamut from newly minted teenager to well-seasoned grandmother.

Its easy to get siloed associating exclusively with people at your same stage on life’s path.  Most of the people I spend my time with outside of work are 50ish with high school or college age children. I value the wisdom and support of these friends but relish the opportunity to  see things from a different vantage point through those younger and older than me at FCC.

In this pledging season, this diverse, supportive community strikes me as something worth pledging to support and sustain.

It might, in fact, be priceless.

Katherine Myers