Co-Moderator’s Update

Katherine Myers

The church has been a hive of activity over the past two months.  Most of the walls in the back wing of the church have been pumped full of insulation, the basement and the attic have been sealed and insulated and the (seemingly endless) kitchen renovation is firmly underway with high hopes that the stars will align to complete this project soon!

I am in awe of the remarkable hospitality church members have continued to provide under adverse circumstances. The innovative and creative thinking that has gone into keeping the essential hospitality of the church running seamlessly during this period is a testament to the creativity and perserverence of our congregation.

Special recognition to the faithful crew who prepare the monthly meals for the Take and Eat program. We are certain those who receive this nourishment have not perceived any diminution in the quality and quantity of meals from FCC.  Kudos to Steve Chick who pulled off the best wassail in recent memory after the Christmas Eve service and to Kay Sherman who recently conjured a lovely and abundant reception following the service in honor of our dear friend Marion Shaw.

This ability to create excellence and warmth in the face of radical disruption, is something I am tremendously grateful for.  This congregation’s patience and willingness to be inconvenienced without complaint is a gift and a blessing.

Thanks to all for your continued hard work.

Katherine Myers