Deacons Report

First, a look back at Christmas.  The 2017 Christmas Eve service was well attended by 251 people, more than in 2016. It was good to see so many young families and their visiting parents. The sanctuary glowed with candlelight, and the greens  gave a special warmth. Thanks go to Deborah Currie for doing the decorating. Thanks also to those who did the readings and  to the augmented choir. Special thanks also to Lance and River Alpi’s help with the car parking. Many helped make the service a beautiful experience.

The Deacons are welcoming Margaret Oxtoby and Sam Smith to their team. Susie Smith,  Cesar Silva, and Dick Steege are cycling off this year. Margaret McComish and Carrie Waara are sharing the chair responsibilities for the coming year. We wish them well.

In respect to those who would like to celebrate a more traditional communion, the Deacons have decided to use the in pew service using the small glasses and silver trays more often in the future.

As are all the team participants, we’re looking forward to Pastor Mark’s Leadership 101 January 24th. This will give a healthy look at our church team organization and its functioning.

Dick Steege, for the Deacons.