Delegates Report from Annual Meeting

Delegates Report from Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut UCC Annual Meeting: Our First Congregational Church delegates Sam and Elizabeth Smith represented us at this year’s annual meeting. This year’s meeting proved to be a historic one, in that the three conferences of Massachusetts, Rhode Island, and Connecticut voted on a resolution to move toward forming one Southern New England regional Conference. See this link for more information about the meeting, and read Sam and Elizabeth’s delegates report here:

218TH Annual Meeting of the Massachusetts Conference of the United Church of Christ

held as part of the simultaneous gathering of the Historic First Tri-Conference Meeting on June 16th-17th in Hartford, CT

During our church’s Sunday June 18th service, Elizabeth and I reported that we – along with over 1000 delegates from all the UCC churches within southern New England – voted “to affirm the resolution passed on January 21, 2017 by the CT, MA and RI Conferences’ Boards of Directors to recommend the creation of a new conference.”

This vote, which was nearly unanimous, is prelude to entering into a new covenant together among the UCC congregations throughout Southern New England…a covenant that will deepen our awareness of our ‘oneness in Christ’ with the wider church and the whole of creation.

Specifically, the Saturday, June 17th vote was the first of a two-step process.

It provided an essential mandate to CT, MA, and RI Boards of Directors “to put into place the plan…for the new conference” within the next twelve months.

This plan would include a single Board of Directors with diverse members coming from the three conferences. This single Board would also act and… work as the Board for the CT, MA and RI Conferences.

“A second vote will take place in June, 2018 which, if approved by the Conferences, would ratify the creation of the new conference.”

Elizabeth and I strongly encourage the members of our Williamstown congregation to read a fuller report on this most historic Hartford gathering sent out today by Tiffany Vail, Associated Conference Minister for Communications, Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island Conferences.

A Prayer

“May it be that all the UCC congregations of Southern New England together, are now – empowered by the Holy Spirit – ‘about to do a new thing.’ Thanks be to God.”

Sam & Elizabeth Smith
June 19, 2017