Financial Secretary Report, March

FCC$ 250Record of Pledge Contributions

2016 2017
Needed monthly $15,868.00 $16,990.00
Received (as of January 31st)* $42,432.75 $44,455.00

*Including prepaid amounts: $18,702.18 & $20,684.87 respectively

2016 Pledge shortfall: $3,519
(Received toward shortfall as of February 19th, 2017) $2,238

Thank you for your generous contributions!  The church greatly depends on your continuous financial support.

Convenient Giving – Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Join other church members by contributing on line, (paperless). Go to our website- and click on GIVE. You will find instructions- “How to Give” and a convenient form for entering your information.
Alternatively – I would be happy to set-up the transaction for you!
Please contact me: 458-4273 ext # 107 or

Annie M. Parkman, Financial Secretary