Financial Secretary’s Report, December

FCC$ 250






Record of Pledge Contributions

 2016  2017
 Needed monthly  $15,868.00   $17,180.00
 Needed (January 1 – November 30, 2017)   $206,158.00  $188,978.00
 Received (January 1 – November 30, 2017)  $170,208.00  $179,158.00
 (Including prepaid amts.: $18,702.18 & $20,684.87 respectively)
  2016 Pledge shortfall: $3,519.00
 (Received toward shortfall through November 30, 2017)  $3,339.00

We have received pledge contributions through the month of November of Calendar Year 2017 at the rate of 86.90% down, slightly, from last year’s rate of 89.39%. Thank you for your generous contributions! The church greatly depends on your continuous financial support.

2017 Tag Sale – Charitable Contributions? – If you donated special “Treasures” to our Tag Sale for which you wish to claim a deduction on your 2017 tax return, please contact me with your list of items.

2017 Charitable Contribution DEADLINES Checks must be hand delivered to the church & placed in the OUTSIDE MAILBOX by NOON Friday, Dec. 29th (church office will be closed the last week of Dec.)

(or) postmarked by Saturday, Dec. 30, 2017 to claim a charitable contribution deduction for 2017.   On Jan. 4th we will make a special bank deposit of all 2017 checks postmarked Dec. 30th.

Boxed Envelope Sets If you order envelopes for your new 2018 pledge, they will be ready on

December 17th. The envelopes will be located on the west side windowsill as you enter the sanctuary.

Please remember to make a small initial envelope contribution by March. Our cost is $4.00 per set.

Annie M. Parkman,  Financial Secretary