From the Co-Moderator

The focus for this month for this co-moderator has been patience (true confession: patience is something I need to work on pretty much every month — its not one of my strong suits, that’s why I am paired with Jody as co-moderator.) This point in our kitchen renovation feels like one of those films of pre-Wright brothers flying machines where an elaborate contraption struggles mightily to flap its wings and get off the ground.

The outward appearance of inertia belies progress we’ve made toward a renovated kitchen. Appliances have been chosen and reserved and finishes for cabinets and countertops have been selected. A new sink was installed on Tuesday, April 24, and until April 27, we thought we were just waiting for the building permit.

Unfortunately the delay meant that our wonderful contractor Columb Devine got another major job and won’t be available until after July 1. Given our commitment to several long term summer tenants Starlight Stage and Minerva Arts (who exhibited heroic patience and flexibility through last summer’s work on community hall) we don’t feel its appropriate to subject them to another summer of construction. Our major fall events, the tag sale and ABC sale, mean September is booked so we are now aiming to begin the kitchen around the first of October which would mean we will finish well before Christmas.

This is definitely disappointing especially to an impatient person like me, but it is no one’s “fault.” Frustration with inspection services can run high but we are lucky to have a building inspector who is working hard with us to make sure our building is safe. He takes his responsibility for protecting public safety seriously and we are happy to comply — sometimes it just takes a little more time than we thought. Columb needs to keep his crew working and his business going, it would be unfair to expect him to sit idle waiting for us.

As the project moves forward you can be sure there will be times of intense activity followed by times of apparent inaction, such is the nature of an endeavor with many moving parts. You can try as hard as you might to make them all flow seamlessly together but inevitably there are multiple instances of “hurry up and wait.”

Patience continues to be a virtue I need to work on. If you are already patient, thank you in advance for your understanding. If its something you need to work on, I hope you will join me on this self-improvement journey!

Your Co-Moderator, Katherine Myers