From the Co-Moderator

The news lately has got me reflecting. I am discouraged by our governments handling of human matters. I find myself getting angry about the social injustice and prejudice which the present government shows toward many people, especially those from other cultures, religions, races and the poor. I find that when I watch the news in the evening my husband and I end up yelling at the television and the reporter to vent our anger about the goings-on. When I talk to other relatives and friends, I get the same reaction of frustration and anger. “What is going on? Why cannot the two political parties agree on issues that involve those less fortunate? Why can’t we as a nation be in the forefront of national concern for those who have different opinions about lifestyle about sexuality? Why can’t we as a nation be in the forefront of concern about our climate, about health care for all?”

During these turbulent times, I find such peace and comfort when I come to church and are able to listen to Ed’s music, listen to Reverend Mark sermons of support. I am able to unwind and release these angry feelings for that one hour and a half on Sunday morning. I believe that others get that same sense of comfort and peace from the service when they come to church. I see smiling faces, I hear greetings of joy and happiness. During the summer time of the Art and Soul sermons, we have another opportunity to combine our words of support from the Bible from Rev. Mark. We enjoy the beauty around us of theater, art which can transform us for a short period of time away from the turbulence we feel from our government leaders. So I would suggest to those who read this, that for an hour on Sunday morning, others can find the same peace and find tranquility at our church, a time to get away from the chaos that we may experience during the week.

We all need to find ways to relax, if one is an able to go to church on Sunday morning. I find my ways of relaxing besides going to church, are spending time with family, gardening, and camping. You all need to find some way to find this sense of peace and Tranquility too. Sunday mornings at church will get rid of the ‘blue’s.

Jody Green, Co-Moderator