From The Deacons

Celebrating Rick Spaulding’s Retirement

We are wishing just the type of retirement you hope for, Rick. Our
congregation is so grateful for your constant help when needed,
meaningful sermons, and your cheerful presence. It has been our good
fortune to have you in our community these several years, giving a
richness to our spiritual lives.
All the best for the new life ahead of you.  Well deserved!

The Deacons have been discussing Communion services and the ways it
has been provided. We look into various forms it may take and the
congregation’s response to them.  We welcome your input. Either send
an e-mail to one of us or speak to us at church.  We are open minded!

Great to see that the many charitable offerings have increased by
nearly $1900 since last year. Our church continues to hold out a
helping hand to our local as well as world community. Just one of the
areas we see as most important these days.

You may have noticed a “Greeter” at the door Sunday mornings. The
Deacons are making a decided effort to make all welcome at our church.
We encourage everyone to introduce yourselves especially to people you
do not know and to introduce them to people you do. It is always an
easy matter to combine the two. You might make it your goal to meet
one person each week. Pastor Mark’s opening welcome is an opportunity
to invite people to Coffee Hour after the service. That way they will
already be familiar with you.

We will be very busy during Advent. It’s important to keep checking
the church calendar.


Dick Steege, For the Deacons