The Communications Task Force was formed when it became obvious that there was no one with the task of deciding what kind of public relations First Church should pursue.  There was a time when there was no question about running a newspaper ad, only what it should look like, and how much space to purchase.

In these times where it is not always clear how to get your message out to the world, the Communications Task Force can discuss these issues, help ministry team members get the word out, and make sure that a consistent public relations strategy is pursued.  We do not meet regularly, only when there is something that demands our attention.  With the holiday seasons of Christmas and Easter, this means we usually are in contact, at least via e-mail, a minimum of three times per year.

The Communications Task Force consists of Moira Jones, Diane Gottardi, Lisa Hiley, Trevor Murphy, and Leigh Short.  Would you be interested in joining us?  Contact a member of the task force for more information.