The Great Pie Palooza and Party

Supporting the Berkshire  Food Project

Mark November 19, 2017 on your calendar – the day we donate pies for the Berkshire Food Project’s Thanksgiving feast…. and at the same time enjoy tasting a variety of home-made specialties during Second Hour.

This year our party will celebrate the successful completion of our recent capital campaign, so we will honor the members and friends of the church who contributed. 


Here’s how the Pie Palooza part will work:

Your Job: Bring in or drop off two pies of any kind (homemade or commercially baked) at church (Community Hall) on the morning of Sunday, November 19, 2017 – any time between 9am and 11am. Pie #1 will be sent to the Food Project. If you wish to enter the Pie Palooza contest, your Pie #2 will be sampled by the congregation during Second Hour@The Meetinghouse. Be sure your Pie #1 does not need refrigeration and that it is in a pie plate/tin that you do not want back.

Gluten free pies are welcome – we will have a special table for that category. 

Fame that awaits you and your pie! The recipes of the winning contest pies will appear in the Church Newsletter and on the website. In addition, the bakers will be declared “First Church Pie Champions.”

The Congregation’s Job: You do not have to bring a pie to be a judge/taster – everyone is welcome. Each person who attends will sample and judge several of the contest pies. (Whipped cream and cheese will be available for enhancement of these samples.) Prior to tasting your samples you will be issued a “voting chip.” Each pie will be assigned a “voting chip receptacle.”  After sampling, place your chip in the receptacle of the pie you feel is best.

Help Needed: Lots of people come to this fun event, and we need a lot of pies, so everyone has a chance to sample at least two or three. Please roll up your sleeves and get out your pastry recipes and let us know your plans for bringing pies by contacting Carolyn Behr at 458-5557 or or Susan Clarke at 458-5075 or

We will need pie cutters, coffee makers, table decorators, and a clean-up crew. To volunteer contact Carolyn or Susan as noted above.


By Massachusetts state law, we cannot accept for the Berkshire Food Project pickled or home-canned foods, pates, custards, whipped cream or cream pies, or cheesecakes.