Harry Montgomery & Audrey Clarkson

Despite old ties to Williams, I owe my presence here, across the lawn, to recruitment by a younger newcomer — Audrey.  Trying this Church one Sunday at a time, I soon learned it offers, along with familiar words and ritual, appropriate doses of theology.   Theology without dogmatism.

Openness too, I learned, is a special banner of this Church.  It welcomes all, even the un-anointed or, as in my case, the un-baptized.  Congregants, I found, are good and diverse people of all ages.  Who embrace each other and rally around those afflicted, whether by ill health and aging, or by the vicissitudes of nature and the economy.  The Church has changed my outlook.  A life-long “lover of humanity”, I find I now have an increased interest in individual people from the odd lot who make up our species.

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