Kitchen Update

Exciting news! The kitchen project that we planned more than a year ago is finally about to start. We are looking forward to a modern, efficient space that will make work easier for our volunteers and attract additional community groups. The official first day of renovation will be April 4, 2017 and before then our “kitchen committee” members will be making choices about final details. The project will take six to eight weeks to complete and, unfortunately, during that time the kitchen will be unusable.

Those of you with a calendar in hand know that this time period includes the Easter season. We know it will be difficult for members of our congregation and other users of our building to step aside for two months. However, this spring was the best window we could find in order to be sure that the new kitchen is completed before our summer tenants, who suffered through construction of Community Hall last year, move in. The project is being overseen by an excellent volunteer, Jerry Smith, and will be carried out by Patrick’s Quality Painting and Remodeling. Members of the ‘kitchen committee’ include Marilyn Faulkner, Beth Davis, Kay Sherman and Annie Parkman. We’ll be keeping you posted on our plans and progress.

Anne Skinner, Chair, Stewardship Ministry Team