The church is at 906 Main Street, Williamstown, Massachusetts in the middle of the Williams College campus.  The marker shows the intersection of Main Street (aka Rt 2, aka The Mowhawk Trail) with Chapin Hall Drive.  The white clapboard church is on the corner and will be obvious.

Parking: From Main Street turn onto Chapin Hall Drive.  The parking lot is on the right, behind the church (you can see it on the map below just behind the blue cross, which indicates the church building). Enter the building using the doors along Chapin Hall Drive. The church office is in the back of the building, near the parking lot.

If the parking lot is full, the college allows us to use other lots around campus as overflow (and as a “thank you” for our allowing college parking in our lot on weekdays). The map of the closest college lots is below.

Church parking