Message From the Co-Moderator

“To have faith” is a phrase that we use often when we are trying to encourage others to believe that what they are hoping will happen, does actually happen; or to give ourselves confidence that what we are hoping for, will happen. I am constantly telling myself “to have faith”, telling my children the same as they deal with the trials and tribulations of life. This hopefulness is an important part of my persona and carries me optimistically through life. I think this way when reflecting on politics, on our nation’s woes and tribulations (present immigration policy, rejection of global warming, violence against others who look and act different). Reverend Mark encourages us “not to give up the faith” and “keep the faith” about issues of social justice and environmental issues to name a few. This is what keeps me going during this tag sale season of collecting donations and in a few months, preparing for this big event. This is what our 250th Anniversary Capital Campaign team is hoping for, faith that we will all donate as much as we are able toward our fundraising goal.

This “having faith” belief keeps me going year after year with the Tag Sale fundraiser; faith that people will step forward and volunteer for all of the tasks that need to be completed, that people will show up on the Williams senior graduation Sunday (which is our biggest collection day) and help, that leading up to and on the day of the Tag Sale these same people will show up again. Each year, year after year, this belief keeps me going when all of these wonderful people tell me that they will help and stand beside me, working just as hard as Annie, Cynthia, and I do. I could not continue to co-lead the Tag Sale if I didn’t “have the faith” that everyone would do their part.

Church has been a beehive of activity lately, just like the bees that are getting nourishment from the flowering Azalea outside my window. There has been a lot of creative energy flowing, from the youngest members of our church family who created artistic puppets and recently performed a play based on their understanding of Jesus ‘Parable of the Vineyard Workers;’ to the worship service in Community Hall, Jazz +Matisse=Church; to the annual William Sloane Coffin Prize for Passionate Public Speaking; to the upcoming June 4th, 8am, Sunday service at the Clark Art Reflecting Pool, joined by St. John’s Episcopal Church, honoring Creation. All of this happening just this Spring. We have been busy bees!

A special heartfelt “Thank You” to our 250th Anniversary Capital Campaign team who have been hard at work to build a capital fund for our new kitchen which will be built in the Fall, for other building projects which will continue to create inviting spaces for our worship. My wish is for you to “keep the faith” that we may live into our church’s’ mission every more effectively.

Jody Green, Co-moderator