Message From the Deacons

September will be a particularly busy one beginning with Pastor Mark’s
report back from his participation at Snowmass. His message is titled
“New Contemplative Exchange”. This was heard Sunday, August 27th.

On Sunday, September 3rd we’ll have a theme worship service, “Racism
and Undoing White Supremacy”.

Another big day is the 10th when we’ll have the Blessing of the
Backpacks. The New Reformation series begins this week to be continued
through the month. After the service the congregation will be able to
enjoy the Fritatta Bruch. Let’s all make a contribution for this. This
event has grown since it was started a few years ago, and the variety
of fritattas is endlessly delightful.

A baptism for Tess Knight, child of Carly and Frank Knight, will be held during the
September 17th service.

A big thank you is given to Margaret Oxtoby and Ed Lawrence for their
thoughtful and enlightening sermons August 13th and 20th. Having a
generous supply of lay participation continues to enrich the life of
the church.