Moderators’ Report

The hot, lazy days of summer seem to be past us now, and we all look forward to the cooler days and the beautiful colors of the fall. With this time comes the activities of church so familiar, like the Frittata luncheon, the Blessing of the Animals, the ABC sale, the potluck and small group get togethers. We start again the Second Hour programs, which invigorate our brains with educational topics, and our youth Sunday school which get into their rhythm of educational and fun activities. It feels like we can all breathe a sigh of relief and anticipation as life at church begins to swirl again.

This fall we have a new kitchen to look forward to and there will be a flurry of activity which will be the result of this construction. We will need to become more patient with each other and flexible in our thinking due to this disruption of construction and the inconvenience of not having space to make coffee, prepare meals or generally know where things are ( “now which box has those dishes or drying towels”). But if we can get past those disgruntled feelings and inconveniences, we will have a exquisite new kitchen which will be more functional, a safer environment to work in and have more modern conveniences. This new kitchen will draw more users and visitors and bring new excitement to this space. Those of you have renovated your own home kitchen will appreciate this analogy.

With the success of the Capital Campaign, we are able to consider other projects to make our building more secure and energy conscious. Katherine Myers is gathering your suggestions for projects to tackle to reduce our carbon footprint, secure our building for the future, and make it more comfortable for our activities today. I hope that you will be forthcoming in your ideas as we all may have something valuable to add to her list of recommendations. Please email her at

Thankfully, tag sale time is over for the year and was very successful with gross receipts of $28,396. For me, I breath a sigh of relief as I can return to spending time with my husband, my home duties, and gardening. This tag sale experience this year was a little daunting for me as my co-pals, Cynthia Payne and Annie Parkman, were preoccupied some of the time with family needs and health issues. We want to give a special thank you to those people who stopped in frequently to check on what help was needed and lent a hand, to William’s Center for Learning in Action folks and to Williams students. We could not have managed to get this ready by Sept 9th without the continuous help from those awesome students. For many, this was their first introduction to our church and we hope it will encourage them to join us during worship and other social activities. They lightened our load and the work atmosphere with their music, laughter and conversation. We are forever grateful to all of you who helped in so many ways.

Now, onto the other important duties of this time of year: the Budget Task Force, work of each of the ministry teams, and Nominating Committee. Under the leadership of Magnus Bernhardsson, Chrissy Gordon, and Marilyn Faulkner and based on a recommendation from Pastor Mark and co-moderators, Church Council voted to temporally suspend the bylaws description of the Nominating Committee work and streamlining the nominating process. An article in this month’s newsletter gives the details of this new approach.

We begin this work refreshed after a summertime of spending time with family and friends, enjoying the beauty of our countryside and the excitement of seeing local theater and visiting our county museums. We are truly blessed by all which surrounds us. – Jody Green