News From the Deacons

We are so grateful for the wonderful leadership of Lynn Chick the last two years. Her constant support and enthusiasm has made the work of our team a pleasure.

We  welcome Carrie Waara as the new member. After three years of amazing service to our congregation by providing hospitality and refreshments at Coffee Hour, Carrie is hoping to be able to draw on her “Mary” side after years of being “Martha”.

Dick Steege is the new Head Deacon with Suzie Smith as Clerk.  Gina Ford will lend her able assistance.

During our recent meeting we looked back on the areas we felt had met with the most success. We’re pleased with Mark’s continuing focus on the Book of John in his sermons. Also we see a growing and happy congregation and appreciate the two minutes of silence as a regular part of the service. The alternative services  have provided a way to expand our spiritual experiences, and we recall the community service at MassMOCA and the Clark. New music and solo performances are a delight during our worship.

On February 8th, Mark and several local community organizations and clergy led service titled “Reviving Our Hearts for Justice” in Community Hall. The group attending was a wonderful mix of people who contributed actively. This is an example of the way our church can bring to the community hope and renewal at this bleak period in our daily lives.

Rev. Mark has introduced the book “The Great Spiritual Migration” by Brian McClaren and has led two discussion groups with it.
Brian McClaren will be the keynote speaker at the UCC Regional Super Saturday conference in Wilbraham March 18th. You will need to register on-line at the MAUCC website. This has always been a very stimulating and informative day.

All of us are looking forward to the Passion  Messiah Worship service, Sunday, March 12th. Locate your own copies or pick up one at the door that day. There will be an orchestra and soloists to help fill out the
music, but we are the chorus along with our choir.  A rehearsal will be held on Saturday, March 4th from 1:30 – 3pm here.

Thanks to all of you who help make this a vibrant church in our community.

Dick Steege