Open Position: Community Outreach Organizer

First Congregational Church of Williamstown

Community Outreach Organizer

Present Reality: Background

Faith communities share a profound and common commitment to the fundamental principles and values of justice, equality, and compassion, truth, mutual respect and universal human rights. Faith communities act as their faith in God emboldens and inspires them to do. Each of our local faith communities is deeply involved in issues of compassion and social justice. Nevertheless, much of the community at large does not know of this work and to an even lesser extent recognizes the faith communities’ leadership in addressing the social justice needs of the Berkshires and beyond.

In addition, it is hardly news to anyone, that the present political climate and the policies in Washington are trampling on the most vulnerable among us, creating a climate of hate and division, and making a mockery of truth, justice, and mutual respect.

In this caustic environment, communities of faith have an increasingly important role to stand tall for our common beliefs and values, and to speak out together as one, to lead us back to the principles of justice and honesty, as our faith in God tells us to do. We believe that the vulnerable among us need our support and the affirmation that we are on their side more than ever. In our faith, Christ calls us to tolerance and respect, not hatred and divisiveness.
At the same time, any church, and our church included, needs to grow and continue to be vibrant. To do so, we must reach out to the community around us, and do so in support of our beliefs and values.

In order to reach out into the community, we must acknowledge that such work is more than church personnel or the outreach team members can accomplish alone.

It is based on this reality that we join together in the following mission.


The mission of the Community Outreach Organizer is to expand the reach of our Church and its beliefs into the community, to lift our voices in support of our common religious beliefs of justice, mutual respect, compassion, truth and universal human rights. We will act as our faith in God emboldens and inspires us to do, we will take actions on behalf of those less fortunate than we who are suffering from injustice, regardless of race, religion, creed, gender, sexuality, or immigration status.


Our goal is to develop a network among the other northern Berkshire faith communities, to build positive and constructive working relationships with them, and to organize and carry out actions in support of the social justice issues and values in which we believe.


There are several objectives in order to attain our Goals:

1. Create and hire a position of Northern Berkshire Interfaith Organizer.
2. Build a strong relationship with the communities of faith in the northern Berkshires.
3. Develop and implement at least three social justice actions for ourselves and the Interfaith community that are consistent with our mission and meet our goals.

Outline of Outreach Organizer position

Job Description:

The Outreach Organizer shall first reach out to and build relationships with the Northern Berkshire Interfaith Community.
In conjunction and collaboration with the NB Faith Community, identify and select three initiatives in the areas of social justice on which the NB faith Community wishes to make a greater impact, and collect information from each of the faith communities as to the work in which they are already involved in the selected initiatives.
Then organize events and activities that strengthen our commitment to the chosen social justice issues and that highlight the faith community’s role in the struggle for justice and compassion in our country. This work shall include, among other things, bringing all NB communities of faith together to work on the selected initiatives, and finding ways to ensure that the work being done is shared with and made visible to the community at large.


This is a part-time position. Hours in any given day or week will be very flexible given the activity in any given day or week, but the work overall would be for a maximum of 80 hours a month. While office space will be provided as needed, it is expected that most of the organizer’s work will be done from home or at the organizing locations, using his or her own equipment and transportation and setting his or her own hours. The organizer is required to keep a time sheet showing their hours worked and tasks accomplished. The organizer will be subject to the Church’s personnel policy.
Reporting: The organizer position will report to the Pastor and a representative of the Church Outreach team. The Organizer will be expected to prepare a summary report of activities each week and meet with the Pastor and Outreach representative once a week.

Qualities/attributes sought:

• Organizing experience
• College degree preferred
• Faith based experience
• Cultural diversity experience
• Outgoing personality
• Organizational skills
• Knowledge of the Northern Berkshire Community
• Preferably Spanish speaking
The Church is an equal opportunity employer.
Remuneration: $ 15,000 to $20,000, depending on candidate experience, without benefits.
Term: This position shall be a one year position, with the possibility of continuing for additional years.

December 6, 2017