Outreach Report

Today, immigrants and refugees worried about deportation are increasingly turning to their faith for refuge. You’ve heard the term sanctuary city, but now, 450 Churches across the country are offering sanctuary to immigrants. Sanctuary is when faith communities offer safe havens — and they’ve been doing that from the beginning of the Old Testament, to the times of slavery and the Underground Railroad, to housing Jews during WWII, to the draft during the Vietnam War. This isn’t about left or right, liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican. People who support Sanctuary are connected not by political affiliations or specific faith traditions, but through a shared moral responsibility to compassion and justice. Families being torn apart is morally wrong, so let’s take action together to stop it.

The First Church Outreach Team urges all Church members to attend the Second Hour Outreach presentation on Sunday April 2nd, entitled “What is Sanctuary”. Our presenters will include a woman who is deeply involved in the Pioneer Valley in establishing Sanctuary churches and one or more experienced immigration Attorneys. There are many forms of what constitutes being a Sanctuary church and the kinds of activities in which a Sanctuary church could be involved. Please join us.

Sherwood Guernsey, for the Outreach Ministry Team