Stewardship Team Report

Our church storage areas are bulging with items.  The Stewardship Team, in the spirit of reuse/recycle, would like to offer furniture items to church members, friends, and others.


Windsor Chairs

Estimated Value $200 per chair.  A discount is offered for purchases of 3 or more.  These are the same chairs that have graced our parlor for many years and we have more in storage than we need.

Deacons Benches

Estimated Value $250/bench.  There is also a discount for a purchase of more than 1 bench.  These are the same benches that are in the Youth Chapel downstairs.  We have many of these in storage also.

Children’s School Chairs

Estimated Value $20/chair.  Discount for bulk purchases.  We no longer need to fill all the basement classrooms with chairs.  Some are available to view in the nursery.

Significant price discount is offered if someone is interested in items that need repair.  If you are interested, please contact the church office for assistance – 413-458-4273.