Sunday School

Sunday School Notes

What is happening in Sunday school?

Looking back to September:

Students prepared for communion during the month of September by considering three stories of Jesus breaking bread: Feeding the 5000, The Last Super, and The Road to Emmaus. These stories offer three simple ideas – the miracle of sharing, remembering Jesus, and recognizing the presence of Christ in others.  Follow up activities in different classes included learning and singing “In back of the bread”, reading Stone Soup, playing cooperative games, drawing story sequences, baking bread, and of course breaking bread in half to share with each other.   Many thanks to Jason Velazquez, Rieko Hatakeyama, and Fi VanWingerden for teaching our tweens, early elementary, and preschool classes.

We also added a teacher to our nursery staff in September.  Caitlin DeBrei runs the Footprints Home Childcare Center in Adams and will be sharing the lead nursery teacher job with Austin.  By working different weeks Austen and Caitlin can share their Sunday mornings with both our church and their families.  Fi VanWingerden and Amelia Murphy will continue to provide extra hands, eyes, and attention for active infants and toddlers.

Looking forward to October:

Mia rolls out dough to make flatbread during September's series exploring communion.

Mia rolls out dough to make flatbread during September’s series exploring communion.

In October Sunday school classes will focus on the topic of courage, create a new piece of art, and take a field trip to MASS MoCA to see Cavernous – The Inner Life of Courage by Wes Sam-Bruce in Kidspace.  We will explore the old testament account of the Prophet Samuel, who had the courage to tell the truth, even when he didn’t want to.  We will be joined by artist Sally Sussman on our field trip, and also Trever Bayliss who will work with the pre-school class.  – Beth Davis