Sunday School & Youth Group Notes, April 29, 2015

Beth DavisHello Parents!
Here are the Sunday School and Youth Group Notes, April 29, 2015:
Youth Group Meeting, Saturday May 2, 4:00 – 6:30.  We will be making treats for the installation reception, solar cookers. Parents and siblings are welcome to join us at 6:00 for dinner.

  • May 3 Installation: Instead of our regular morning service, we’ll have a special service called an “installation” at 3pm.  It’s a formal celebration of Rev. Mark’s call to our church as “settled minister,” and the Berkshire clergy all come out to do the “installing.” The nursery is open at 2:45 for babies and toddlers; young children will be excused for Sunday School following the scripture reading.  Older students may want to stay to hear Rick Spalding preach and see the “installing” in action. There will be a reception following the service with an art table for kids to visit.
  • Sunday School Unit: God’s Creation is Awesome: Our Sunday school is making a time line as part of our current unit – God’s Creation is Awesome.  We have already covered the first 9 billion years of a 13.5 billion year journey through history.  This past Sunday we discussed stars, atoms, elements and super nova. In the coming weeks we will tackle DNA, and much more. Interested in learning more?  Check out Daniel Christain’s 18 minute Big History Ted Talk at, and/or Michael Dowd’s book Thank God for Evolution.
  • Youth Sunday, May 17.  The 10:00 worship service will be “Creation-themed” and will be followed by a picnic, children’s fair games, and gardening.   The youth group is building solar cookers that we hope to demonstrate at the picnic (God and sun willing). I’m seeking adult volunteers to help with games and gardening activities! If possible, Sunday school students should plan on attending both Sundays May 10 and May 17, to plan and then to lead the congregation in worship.
  • YES COMMITTEE: YES is a new group I’d like you to know about.  It stands for the Youth Education Subcommittee of the Education and Fellowship Ministry Team.  Leon Albert, Angie Hill, and Rebecca Kamp meet with me once or twice a month to reflect on youth in our church and plan future programs and events.  Think of it as a PTA meeting where plans and proposals for youth group, Sunday school and family events are formed.  If you are a parent interested in joining us please let me know, and I’ll add you to the email list for the group.
  • Pasta, Play Planning: Eight church families gathered on Saturday, April 11 for “Pasta, Play and Planning”. Leaders led “big bang” activities for children.  Parents met with Mark and Beth to build relationships and set proactive goals for the coming year.  As a result of the meeting, areas of focus for next year’s units include the following topics: awareness, compassion, resilience, creativity and confidence in Sunday school next year.
  • Summer Sunday School from July 5 through August 16: We’re trying to develop our plan for Summer Youth programming. If you were not at the family gathering on April 11, please let me know about your plans for the summer.  The Education and Fellowship Ministry team is planning to have seven Sundays of volunteer-led classes (July 5 to August 16).  I will offer a 90 minute Sunday School Teacher Training (with lunch) after church on Sunday, May 31, from 11:30 to 1:00 to prepare adults to lead classes.  Please contact me if you can sign up to teach a few summer Sundays.

Thanks!Beth Davis
Director of Christian Ed FCC Williamstown
(413) 281-3589,