Tag Sale Important News

We have only a week more before our annual tag sale, church’s biggest fundraiser. We need your help with the preparation and especially the day of—SEPTEMBER 9th. One hour, two, or more of your help will ensure that the work is completed in time and that the burden of this gigantic task doesn’t fall on a very few. Thanks!

We will be working during the week from 10-5 every day and would be willing to be available evenings and Labor Day weekend if some volunteers could only do that time. The week of September 4th will be our biggest push and our need for greater volunteer time.  We will be working at church days and usually evenings. There are jobs or organizing, cleaning, supervising our Williams student volunteers, and pricing.

Jody Green and Annie Parkman beginning The Great Sort for our September 9 Tag Sale.

Jody Green and Annie Parkman beginning The Great Sort for our September 9 Tag Sale.

This is a herculean job, and we value all of your effort and the time you give. This can create a sense of community and opportunity to interact with each other  ( this happens when we work together and chat during our tasks) . The job of pricing has been  daunting task for many and this year we are going to have a list of appropriate prices for many of the items.

On the day of the tag sale, we are going to have child care for those who will need this. We will be working in shifts of 8:45 -11:30, 11:30-2:00 during the sale and 2:00-3:00 for cleaning up. We hope that you can join us as cashier, helping those in check out, working in basement rooms selling, and helping students with purchases.

As always, we thank all of you so much who help us with this work. We can’t do this without your help and support.