If you are not from New England, you might be wondering just what the heck is a “tag” sale?  Think “rummage” sale or “garage” sale, but in the case of the annual fall “tag sale at the congo church” the entire town’s garage all at once. This is a major community recycling effort! Items that would otherwise likely go the landfill are recycled and reused. Everyone is invited to participate in this effort. Williams students come to outfit their dorm rooms. Local area residents of limited means have a chance to get needed household items at a much reduced rate. Those who could afford to “buy new” can choose instead to buy used items to reduce their ecological footprint. For those who have excess items, donating them to the tag sale provides an ecologically and socially sound alternative to simply throwing them out. This is especially true for departing Williams College students, heading off to lives elsewhere, who are generous donors. And the tag sale is an important fundraising event for the church, enabling us to continue our other outreach efforts and maintain our iconic building to the benefit of everyone in town.

Volunteer.  If you would like to get involved, we would love to have you!  (And if you volunteer, you get to scope out all the really good stuff ahead of time!).  Just contact the church office.

Donate.  If you have items that you would like to donate, please, again, contact the church office.

Breaking Tag Sale News:

(The most recent news postings related to the tag sale)

First Church Tag Sale – September 10th

September 9th is our annual Tag Sale date this year! Community Hall has been filling with items since Monday, August 22nd. As always, the Tag Sale effort relies on your volunteer time and assistance. There are many jobs that can be done, many of which do not involve heavy lifting. If you have some free … read on

Tag Sale Update

The annual church fundraiser, the ‘Famous Tag Sale’ is fast approaching on September 10th. We will start bringing things into Community Hall on weekend of August 20th and begin the work of cleaning and organizing August 22nd. As always we need lots of help with these tasks and truly appreciate all of the help which … read on

Tag Sale Collection Sign Up

Every spring, First Congregational Church Williamstown participates in a campaign to help save our earth: REDUCE . . . REUSE . . . RECYCLE! When Williams College students are departing for the summer, we work in conjunction with the college’s Center for Learning in Action and the Zilkha Center for Environmental Initiatives to encourage students … read on