Update on Habitat for Humanity Activity

First Church retains our strong Covenant with Northern Berkshire Habitat for Humanity. There is a lot going on this month at our local Habitat for Humanity affiliate. Kelly Bourdeau will be moving in with her two children this month in the newly renovated house at 813 West Shaft Road.

Kitchen and bathroom fixtures are now being installed. The final painting has occurred with just a little touch-up to go. Carpeting and vinyl flooring will follow and Kelly should be moving in during very early March. When spring arrives a small amount of exterior siding still has to be installed and landscaping will need to be completed.

Our own Beth Goodman has joined the Habitat Board and due to my forgetfulness was not included in the annual report. Beth has been a valuable asset to the board in many ways.

Habitat has partnered with the creative arts corridor of Drury high school in many ways. The CAD/CAM engineering class designed and built the new shed for Kelly and her family (see photo to the right). Only a little painting remains. Nick Boulger, Nick Bator, David Kelly and Logan Rumbolt were the student designers and Alec Delaurentis was the student construction supervisor on the project.

Keith Davis