And here’s all the people!

Expect to be Welcomed!

People come to our church for many reasons.  Perhaps you have always gone to church, and you are trying to find a church in your new community.  More likely these days is that you are searching for something, not sure what it might be, but you just know that there is something more that your life needs.  Our church community is made up of people from all walks of life, in all different parts of their own life path.  You are sure to find a common thread with someone in our midst.  Where ever you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here!

When is the Worship Service? Sundays at 10 am.

Where do I park?  The church has a parking lot right next to the building (turn in Chapin Hall Drive, the lot is on the right behind the building).  Park along the curb on Chapin Hall Drive or anywhere (except maybe you should avoid the the spots that say “reserved for Pastor” or “reserved for Staff”) in the parking lot.  There are signs saying reserved for different non-profits, or for Williams College faculty and staff, but that is during the week, not on Sundays.

Which door do I use?  Most people don’t usually use the obvious front doors on Main Street, since they have come by car, and the parking lot is behind the church.  However, those doors are always open on Sunday morning to welcome anyone through them.  There are doors on the Chapin Hall Drive side (west side) that will be open.  There is also a ramp on the Chapin Hall Drive side, providing handicap access.

What should I wear?  Its really a matter of what you feel comfortable with.  Some folks like to dress up a bit, especially around holidays, but that’s up to you.  Wear what seems right to you and it will be fine.  A caution: the church practices good old New England frugality when comes to heat!  In colder weather, you might want to wear a sweater or bring your coat in with you.  There are also shawls available for those who find it a bit chilly.

Where do I sit?  The Sanctuary has lovely “box pews.”  In some distant time these would have been assigned to specific families, but those days are long gone.  While folks still have their favorite spots, you are welcome to sit anywhere.  Every once in a while we meet in the Fellowship Hall, sitting in folding chairs.  Its a bit more cosy, and the change of venue gives Pastor Longhurst and Minister of Music Ed Lawrence and the Deacons a chance to experiment a bit with the service.

Can I take communion?  Yes.  We practice open communion on the first Sunday of every month.  Anyone, of any age, wishing to receive the elements is welcome to do so.  Members and friends of the Church have arrived here by many paths and where ever you are on your own particular journey, you are welcome here.

  • For communion served by the deacons in the pews: bread may be eaten as soon as it is received, the cup will be served soon thereafter, but should be kept until all are served and the pastor invites us all to drink together as a sign of unity. Cups of grape juice will be placed on the outer portion of the tray and may be distinguished from the wine by its darker color.  We currently do served communion on the first Sunday of January, March, June and October.
  • For communion by intinction (where the congregation is invited to come up to the front of the church): after receiving a small piece of bread, you may dip it into the cup of grape juice and eat it then.

Do I have to put money in the collection plate?  Collecting an offering during the service is a long standing tradition in our church, as in most all others.  It is an important symbol of the need to give back, but please, do not feel obliged to contribute.  If you have the wherewithal to contribute financially to the church and its mission, well then, of course, we encourage you to do so.  But money is only one of many ways to contribute to the church and the world.  You will find the way that is right for you.  What is most important is that you are here.