Jonathan Twins on What the UCC Means to Them

Pastor Carrie’s daughters were filmed at the Synod in Florida during the summer of 2011, talking about what the UCC means to them.  Here Geneva (on right in this picture) is quite eloquent speaking of the importance of the church in her life.         Here Orelia (on the left in this picture) … read on

Harry Montgomery & Audrey Clarkson

Despite old ties to Williams, I owe my presence here, across the lawn, to recruitment by a younger newcomer — Audrey.  Trying this Church one Sunday at a time, I soon learned it offers, along with familiar words and ritual, appropriate doses of theology.   Theology without dogmatism. Openness too, I learned, is a special … read on

Rick Spalding

While I was working at my first parish, years ago, a well-known local TV reporter started coming to our services on Sundays. She was the kind of cool, tough, pragmatic person that I often associate with journalism but not always with faith. After a while, I got up my nerve to ask her what brought … read on

Cynthia Payne

When we first moved to Williamstown 23 years ago I wasn’t much of a church goer.  Having been raised Catholic I’d been turned off by religion.  But my husband wanted to join a church and one of the first Sundays we were in town he got up early on a Sunday morning and walked up the … read on

Moira Jones

To begin with, it was the music.  I started coming to First Church in Williamstown because I wanted to work with Ed Lawrence, the Minister of Music. I had been a paid soloist at the Christian Science church, but those services didn’t speak to me at all.  A friend convinced me to give the First … read on