How To Write for Newsletter or Website

When writing your newsletter article or creating content for a permanent page on the website, first take a few things into account:

  • This website is full of pictures. We have endeavored to put at least one picture on each page of the website. In addition, each newsletter article has a picture associated with it. Please think of an image that you can relate to your new content.
    When creating the text that will be on the website, keep it shorter, not longer. Ideally, the text you put on the website will fit on one page of regular 8 1/2 x 11 inch paper. Although people can scroll down, often they don’t bother, so say it up front. That being said, please do give us enough information, at least two paragraphs, so that the page looks like it is worth reading.
  • When you have your newsletter article ready, please send it to Terry Plumb Clark at , and she will post it on the website. You do not need to attach a document, you can put the text directly in the e-mail, and attach any pictures to the e-mail. They are easier to load onto the website from the e-mail than they would be from a word processing document.
  • If you are adding or changing text on a permanent page, please now send your text or pictures to Jason Velazquez . He will copy the text from your e-mail onto the website page you direct him to, and post the photographs you have sent.

There are be two new people who will take over what Moira Jones has been doing for the last 5 years to edit the website, and produce the newsletter. Please thank Jason Velazquez, and Anna Robertson for taking on the Communications which our Church relies on to keep everyone informed, and to invite new people among us!

-Moira Jones