What to Expect

We understand that walking through church doors can be daunting. We happen to think that when you walk through ours, you won’t regret it. You can expect a wide, warm welcome and enough sensitivity to respect space if you need it. Worship services typically involve a happy blend of traditional and informal aspects of church: some wear shorts and sandals while some wear a suit, organ music couples with memorable sung refrains, choir anthems ring out alongside semi-spontaneous “Amen’s,” silence is practiced alongside congregational prayers. Quotes from famous mystics show up in the bulletin, and the Sunday message balances Scriptural study with our daily lives and world. Children are heartily embraced, whether in the nursery, Sunday school or pews. Sometimes after church we drink coffee and chat, and sometimes we hear from world-class scholars or activists. In short, we have a great time, and hope you will, too.