Parking Disruptions Summer 2015

The Church parking lot is being re-constructed thanks to the generosity of Williams College. The College has been doing their utmost to make our parking lot and Chapin Hall drive available to us during this process. On evenings and weekends, we are welcome to park on whatever surface is on these two areas. Parking for the Church during the week is available in the new parking lot, north of Chapin Hall. Please access that parking lot from Mission Park Drive, via Park St. or Southworth St.

Please avoid using Chapin Hall Drive whenever possible. The south portion (closest to Main St.) has been reconstructed and traffic continues to be limited to the folks that need handicap access or make deliveries and drop offs to First Church, while the paving process is finished. This process should be done by mid-August. There are a limited number of parking spaces are available in the new lot behind Chapin Hall that can be accessed via Park Street and/or Southworth Street and Mission Park Drive. The east portion of this new lot has been reserved temporarily for use by First Church while our lot is being reconstructed.Two way traffic will be continue to be necessary on Chapin Hall Drive from the Church Parking Lot to Mission Park Drive until the demolition of the old Sawyer Library is finished.

For more information about the disruptions in church parking during June, July & August 2015, please see the post below the slider on the front page. We'll keep the link to the most recent disruptions on that post as the construction progresses.

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