United Church of Christ

We are a part of a larger network or denomination in the Christian family called the “United Church of Christ” (UCC). Our denomination is a mid-twentieth century (1957) creation of the “ecumenical movement,” which sought to unify diverse Christian churches. Our particular church, and many other UCC churches in New England, traces its roots to the earliest Puritan churches in America. To learn more about the UCC, click here.

The UCC is known nationally for their leadership around peace and justice issues. The UCC and its historical denominations opposed slavery, ordained the first African American minister (1785), built the first school for the deaf, created the first multi-racial anti-slavery society, ordained the first woman minister (1853, Antoinette Brown), the first openly gay minister (1972, William R. Johnson), published a gender-inclusive hymnal in 1995, and divested from fossil fuels in 2013.