Support First Church

First Church is a dynamic, inclusive, and family-friendly hub at the intersections of spirituality, social justice, and the arts. There are plenty of reasons to support First Church’s ministries: from inspiring and creative worship, to a successful kitchen renovation for community use, to impactful partnerships with social justice organizations, we seek to be a church that lives out God’s mission of justice, peace, and love.

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In 2021, our goals are energizing and substantial. We hope you’ll consider supporting us as we aspire to:

Collaborate with other northern Berkshire faith communities to organize and implement actions in support of social justice.

Create positive and constructive working relationships with church families and non-church community families to engage youth participation beyond our children’s programs.

Protect our beautiful historic building by completing the fire suppression and conducting a professional historic building assessment, enabling us to plan future projects with identified sequencing and priorities.

Enhance our communications and extend church news through a robust social media/web presence with updated computer and telephone infrastructures.